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The Cambridgeshire & Huntingdonshire Association of Cricket Officials process the personal details of Cricket Officials who wish to be appointed to games within the County Premier leagues in Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire plus the Cambridge Cricket Association leagues.

By making yourself available to stand in games in the leagues covered by CHACO you hereby give the CHACO the right to process your information as described in this document. If you do not wish to grant the CHACO this authority you cannot be appointed to any games appointed to by the CHACO.

You can ask at any time for your information to be deleted by contracting the CHACO Appointments or Performance Officers. This will cause all future appointments to be removed and all non-historical information about you to be deleted.

CHACO will maintain a database which contains the following personal information about each umpire:

  1. Name, address and postcode – used for sending communications and to minimise travel time when assigning games

  2. Phone numbers, both land line and mobile, if supplied – issued to both sides in appointed games so that you can be informed if games are called off. This information will be published in league handbooks

  3. Email address – used to communicate with you

  4. Availabilities – the set of days within a season when you are available for appointment

  5. Appointed games – the list of games in the current season to which you have been appointed. Your appointments are made public on the web site and made available to all interested parties


Historical information will also held which covers all seasons going back to 2000. This will consist of all the games to which CHACO made appointments to you in those years and who was assigned. All such information has previously been made public. No personal information apart from your name and appointed games will be saved. This information will only be used for research purposes.

The database and application information is stored on a password protected website with only the CHACO Appointments Officer, CHACO Performance Officer and the Program Developer having the password.

Currently the people concerned are:

CHACO Appointments Officer:     Keith Coburn (

CHACO Performance Officer:       Steve Kent Phillips (

Program Developer:                       John Mersh (

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